Aventine Asset Management Inc.

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We are an independent, partner-owned investment firm whose focus on capital preservation and stable, long term returns comes from the fact that our own families are among the firm’s largest investors.


Based in Toronto, Ontario we offer Canadian resident clients the opportunity to invest alongside us, via separately managed accounts and pooled investment vehicles, in three core investment strategies:

Clear Perspective

Professional asset management for families, corporations and institutions is our only business.  This simple business model allows us to remain free from the inherent conflicts of interest present in many large investment firms.

Thoughtful Approach

Our investment approach is not about avoiding risk, it is about taking risk well and having a plan to control our downside. Long term success comes from consistently positive returns paired with relatively low volatility.

Assured Commitment

As fiduciaries our duty is to always put your interests ahead of our own.  With our families among the largest investors across each our strategies, you can be assured in our focus and commitment to performance.

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