Aventine Asset Management Inc.

Our People and Philosophy

As research driven investors, we seek to identify value oriented opportunities across a variety of asset classes in the public and private capital markets.  Our approach to asset management is active, concentrated and catalyst-focused.

As partners, we hold significant investments in our own strategies, ensuring that we are focused on preserving capital and generating stable, long term growth. This authentic alignment is the foundation of our Protect and Grow philosophy.

As professionals, we promote integrity, transparency and objectivity within ourselves and our industry.  We follow a set of firm-wide guidelines for good business and investment, which we refer to as Our Principles.   These Principles, which are outlined in full detail below our team biographies and also found on various pages of this site, can be simply encapsulated as follows:

Play great defence.    Focus on adding value.    Have skin in the game.

Our Team

Our Principles


Have significant personal capital invested in every strategy we manage.


Understand our clients’ needs and always serve their interests first.


Communicate clearly, openly and frequently.


Concentrate our efforts in areas where active management can add value.


Be high conviction value investors who are mindful of capital preservation.


Think and act differently from the average investor.


Stay disciplined and follow our investment process when buying and selling.


Love what we do every day.

Our Partners

Sponsored Portfolio Managers

Sponsored Portfolio Managers manage their practice under the regulatory watch of Aventine’s compliance team but operate with independent branding and separate portfolio strategies. Please refer to their individual websites for more information.

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