Aventine Asset Management Inc.

We Invite You To Consider Investing Alongside Us

Few things in life will have a greater impact on your daily routine, domestic harmony and future legacy than the successful management of your investment portfolio.  This understanding is at the heart of our firm’s overall “Protect and Grow” philosophy.

In an uncertain and continually changing world, it is essential to work with asset managers who are nimble, accessible, accountable and have significant skin in the game.  We believe Aventine’s measurement in regards to these qualities is first-class.  Our investment approach is consistent and repeatable; our communication is open and transparent; our track record of adding value is very strong and our interests are aligned with investors to a degree that few managers can claim.

If you share our values and philosophy, we warmly invite you to consider investing alongside us.  To learn how, please contact 416-847-1767.

Investor Certification

By proceeding below you are certifying to Aventine Management Group that you (1) are a resident of Canada, and (2) satisfy one or more of the Accredited Investor eligibility requirements relating to annual income or net worth thresholds, professional experience, or other regulatory qualifications, as outlined in National Instrument 45-106.